Dt. Ngga Is Wck! (Single)

by john wesley



Welcome to the rap show
Please push all of the girls creeping up slowly to the front to the back row
And if they won’t move, crowd surf em out of the building
And then let innocent civilians deal with their feelings
Women and children / can relate to your emotions
And not even your priest wants to talk about anything
That’s coming out of your mouth since it’s incessantly open
Oh, the moral fabric you’ve independently woven
It’s essentially hopeless, I intentionally wrote this
With the intention eventually pay attention to notebooks
So mic check, mic check, one two, one two
Go ahead and step your game up, if you want to
Can you be blamed if a demon gets ahold of you?
What if they won’t leave even if I told em to?
Man I don’t have a lot of answers as a go to
But I can try, so welcome to the show, I can show you

Pardon the lack of passion, yeah it’s rap – who’s asking?
Pennies for thoughts and I’m purse-snatching, come a little closer and taste my harassment
So, in other words - you want me to use other words
Quit syllables, cater to ignorance, quit aiming to make your stomachs turn
Answer is always “I don’t know it” – the medication is psychotropic
Open-minded, bias broken, no Xanax cause I’ve awoken
These dreams are severe; I can’t get rid of this ring in my ear
I’m so glad you listen to Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill but I’ll never agree with you dear
AKA please be aware – I’m irritated you’re breathing my air
You’ll be the only hot-head I get matched with while I am pouring gasoline in your hair
Me too, same feels, Dean, Marx, I-in
Ian, whatever – you suck pen island
Josh Horton – I heart you X 69, and do your worst Wyland
Thanks for the beat but next I want a verse Ivan!

Thoughts, words, actions, habits
Character, destiny, target practice
Got my cross hairs on the atlas
For God so loved the world – but my heart is elastic
Is God going to tell me that I chose hell?
I pursued Jesus, but I brought in the Gnostic Gospels for show and tell
I’ll just pick a different size for the glove that I wear
What are your thoughts on heaven? “I don’t know – up in the air?”
Sorry, you’ll have to pardon me – I love to stare
Just picture us both as Mormons in our special underwear
Now imagine us on our own planet
Having spirit babies – “You’re pregnant AGAIN? GOD DAMN IT”
I’ma go ahead and say everything you wouldn’t allow
And if it kills me I’ll be in a box that’s wood, in the ground
It’s not my fault you couldn’t figure it out –
I’m a priest, so stick your tongue out, and let me put it in your mouth
Don’t look under my robe – hey don’t touch that
I left the Mormon Church – they took their magical underwear back
And by the way – let’s get back to communion
It’s clear your mind is in the gutter and it’s ruined

Shhh – the rap game is sleeping


released March 13, 2017



all rights reserved


john wesley Moline, Illinois

Est. 2004

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