DFUOB Se7en (2015)

by john wesley



My 4th entry submitted to Funk Volume's annual contest.


Funk Volume 7, welcome, and fu(n)k you all
you're expectations are your fault, I'll leave some appauled
as for penmanship, I never know where this is going
and sensitive people can either suck it up or blow me
take a shortcut through political-correctness and cut across
that's what happens when you put a conscious mind above the law
"john, why are you such a rude cynic"
stop wasting my damn lines, I only have two minutes
I heard your bars, don't know how to make your pen suck more
especially on a beat that you paid ten bucks for
I can't wait for all the pop culture references
while we're figuring out who the prodigal contestent is
I'm a fan of rap and it's possible, a pessimist
the secret to winning, getting a lot closer - effortless
don't worry about your favorite rapper, he's still a loser
doesn't matter if it's Cheif Keef, Meek Mill, or Future
a part of your interest in a year or two, I bet he's not
you'd better send Fetty Wap some Forget-Me-Nots
listeners can't pay attention at any cost
I hope the rap game takes advantge of you - and let's me watch
I haven't changed any of my views on Nicki Minaj
she's still garbage and as far as bars a gimmicky-broad
amateur rappers pour your heart and soul into it
it's evident, you're more genuine than radio talen has ever been
still on royce's d*ck, still on budden's d*ck
still in love with slaughterhouse, can't get enough of it
you couldn't be dope with a drug dealer as a publicist
transgendered, homophobic, liberal, republican
I write like an animal, not into beastiality
guess i just need the right beat to bring it out of me
Iggy grabs pen like "This could be challenging"
she's like a walking mataphor, excuse the analogy
I love verses, as a critic of lyrics I'm merciless
all you want to do is dance and forget the words exsist
a white kid shot ten, and for their skin color, murdered them dead
and a lot of you are more concerned with a man wearing a dress
you're forcing me to check priorities in your beliefs
unfortunately for you I have a drawer full of assorted keys
push the pedal to the floor and speed, be at your back door in three
it may end like your contest entry - horribly
shout out to Beau and Mike, Aubrey, Eryck and Ivan
Marcos, Ben Barber, and even Joe Redmond - Keep writing
this is my 4th entry and it's the only way that I can feel pain
damn, it's about time somebody threw a drink on Lil Wayne


released July 23, 2015



all rights reserved


john wesley Moline, Illinois

Est. 2004

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