Consider Yourself Warned (2014)

by john wesley



released June 20, 2014



all rights reserved


john wesley Moline, Illinois

Est. 2004

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Track Name: Mood Swing (feat. Carley Ann)
I started by giving you brace yourself
And how it made you feel, I have look farther than your face to tell
Brace your family, consider yourself warned
Let’s come together, and watch hell mourn
Good defeats evil, there’s no showdown
Been watching the world unravel and wrote it down
If you didn’t know, then you know it now
Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my second go around

I remember when I had my mind and almost lost it
I saw the bodies that you were hiding inside the closet
I’m just a man, thoughts, a pilot, and Microsoft Office
You can either choose to be a prophet or make a profit
Forget tradition, I would prefer to do both
And say what needs to be said because you won’t
Before continuing it’s essential you prove to me
You even understand what this instrumental can do to me
You’re putting your entire life on the line
Trying to be my wife believing I am right in my mind
You’re using prayers as weapons
I hope that you’re aware they’re annulling your marriage at the reception
I swear that these amateurs are obsessed with Inception
Planting ideas they stole in the your minds – arrest them
I offer advice, experience, and suggestions
15 bucks for an hour and twenty minute session so you can

Is rap dead and in need of a resurrection?
Your fans put your record in for a second and press rejection
You think you’re so dope; stop – I doubt you kill it
We need to stop for a minute talk about your feelings because uh,
When life is quality love is the stipulation
You’ll suffer when the policy’s hate and manipulation
You won’t apologize when you’re severing all the ties
If Waking disoriented by empty bottles of wine
But if you sever ties when you’re wearing a suit and tie
It’s like you’re severing the bind between you and the suicide
I grew up the youngest of six
and it might have to do with becoming this sick as if it was something I wished
and I don’t mean sick as in amazing at what I do
I mean whatever’s wrong with me came to me and it’s coming for you
You offer disproval, saying you can’t get used to me
As if I care you’re not a fan of ambiguity so you can

Good evening, welcome to my album, only if I
Could, be me, then I would leave this asylum and this
Choir of demons, then I could be free and not be
Required to seem even keel when I flip the script I have written and get
Even, and resemble what I run away from
I mirror the horrors that manifest once they come
I try to counteract what I asked for, but since it’s my fault
I’m too consumed in what’s unseen as soon as it’s nightfall
I used to dream when I was under my own spell
But now I look at what my immaturity viewed as likely like ‘oh well’
If you can’t see the tragedy there you’re in danger of being too far gone
And subsequently like me you accept it with no choice but to march on
Soldiers only lay down and die when they feel they have nothing to stand for
Looking the devil in the eye and shouting’ is this all you’ve got I DEMAND MORE’
Can I really hide in a church to avoid Satan OR is that exactly what he wants
Cause if I stay there then I help no one and it’s all about me and the ambience
I finna comeback with a riddle but given the fact that I’m on one
On what? Whatever’s got me so high strung, yet undone
I wonder if all of this wondering’s even worth the time I invest in it
Be a church of open arms and healing, not the one with the best image
Track Name: Walls Echo (feat. Searching For Security)
I know you want to be a princess at an inaugural ball
But you only have one glass slipper, see how far you can walk
Before you try a pair of someone who's never talked to a god
you live for everyone else your paths might be crossing a lot
dramatic, hearing the choir singing falsetto
voices in my head or are spirits making the walls echo
rap to me's a notebook, a desk, a pen and me by myself
I have no other choice, my wrongs won't write themselves
I got the lowdown on heaven and now I’m high as hell
and I’m good at keeping a secret as far as I can tell
sometimes I say things, just so I can mess with your mind
a song is worthless if it doesn't have you pressing rewind
we can see right through your no attempt lyric sheets
you won't have a problem with stolen music or piracy
I’d tear your church down to limit the damage that you've done
but then you'd waste twelve million on a new one

how do I get you to listen?
whatever's written is just my attempt to speak my imagination and let you live in it
everything else is really secondary
how do so many forget that their imagination is imaginary
don't mean to celebrate the fact I have a troubled mind
or complain or subliminally say it's awful oh woe is me in double time
thought that I’d be a legend for sure
until reality set in and monsters coming for my head crept to the door
no wonder my mother would tell me that I’ll be dead soon
coming out of my bedroom, blood from another head wound
honestly, I’m feeling pretty discouraged
thought the music would handle itself, I’ve never been this nervous
so if I talk about razors and wrists
it’s only cause I’m talking to those who’re so depressed, not using a razor’s a risk
so if this twisted playground seems basic and sick
I’m offering solace to whoever needs a place to exist

I’m so thankful, yet ready to say to hell with it
Hopefully it goes to show emotion is relative
Not trying to release ‘Brace Yourself’ again
I’m more concerned with word of mouth, rather than selling it
I’d say I’ve been pushed to my limit
But I know at the end of life I’d give everything I could to relive it
what good is it to make light of perceived problems
If you hate life, my advice would be to never come at all or leave often
That’s why every mistake I’ve ever made taunts me
Or maybe it’s because I put all of the blame on me
I thought writing it down would get rid of it
Once and for all, but it didn’t, not even a little bit
Actually it only made it worse
Cause now when I perform the song I relieve it all while I say the verse
So I have buried all my secrets deep inside, but they’re buried alive
By now I thought they’d be barely alive
but no, see keeping a secret’s like planting a seed
and as it grows it produces guilt from the branches and leaves
and you’re starving to tell the truth so bad that you eat it
the whole thing, then go to the next tree and repeat it
Track Name: Circumstance
Your critics say to move it along
Nowadays you’re doing everything but proving them wrong
I’m just saying, if your enemies are so right
How is it they have the time to open the book of life and ghost-write
They’re either written in it or not, given the plot
Of a Calvinists view of the everlasting infinite God
It’s no coincidence the incision is off, is it not
Your epiglottis that the knife is on – it’s written in song
Cause if you end it now, that’s how God intended it
He ended it, your sentiment and friendship was bent a bit, he’da mended it
But that’s how it was written; enjoy your third class ticket to hell
God bless, I’m wishing you well
He didn’t mean a word he said to you, hence in gratitude
You were never indebted to, therefore God is dead to you
And if you never knew of Jesus which is a lot of you
He didn’t want to save you it isn’t that he’s forgotten to

love, live meaningful
A necessary belief often is unbelievable
Sometimes you get stuck in redundancy
Sometimes you get stuck in redundancy
Sometimes you hide behind redundancy
Substances become your peace reluctantly
Circumstances helped you get to heaven luckily
But maybe life is mystery and it’s lovely
Life is about YOU and what Jesus has done for YOU
Not about what you’ll do for others now that Jesus is in you
How your life has been blessed but already has too many things
possessed by possessions and haven’t learned anything
So you’re a Calvinist or salvation’s circumstantial
I struggle with this, I don’t just start a verse and ramble
Christians, I’ll make you squirm as you lay in your sheets
Life is a game I was given and I’m not playing for keeps

Would you believe me if I had nothing to say
All I’ve written is my imagination running away
If you differentiated would there be no sense in it?
that’s so ironic – no, it is coincidence
No predestination, there is no written list
If you could see your gravesite, would you go visit it
If God already selected who is saved
Then there is nothing left to do but die and tell him **** you to his face
No, I understand, it occurred to me
The feeling of being saved is a great security
I admit this is because of me struggling
(drop) I feel selfish even thinking of God’s love for me
Man, I could be a theist in secret
You have no say in what faith you’re born into – believe it
Predestination, I’ll send a Calvinist to Calvary
And send him and his predestined family off a balcony I guess it was a
Track Name: Darkly Drawn (feat. LTB)
Headache, 18th page of this paper
[THAT’S YOUR JESUS?] – save me from this savior
Face-first [OH!] raise me from this razor
Before [FATE] intoxicates me and I chase her
Run away now, an affair is too believable
And you take every lie that he feeds to you and you eat em all
Girl, get out now, even if you need to crawl
Don’t go through with it now just because there’s a ring involved
[FAITH OF A CHILD] – a Bad or a good thing
Is a child my entire life something I should be?
Stay together – eventually – American dream
But what happens when this dream puts your marriage to sleep?
Is that all she wrote when you’re drunk calling home
We fell apart slowly, and it was my fault I know
and the answer to “will you marry me” should probably be no
Please [FORGIVE ME] I’m in love with misery
And the inspiration given is insult to injury
You’re about to witness our ability to judge
The heroes that we disprove of and the criminals we love
Our eyes will not stop lying [BLIND ME] [DISMEMBER HANDS]
I have a ninety times better chance of finding Neverland
Go ahead and shoot me; you’d be doing me a favor
Burn everything I’ve written, including this piece of paper
Don’t take a single word I say the way you perceive it
Clarity was slain; and now is laying in pieces
Double life at night, shouts cries, shallow lies
Feeding lines of “how you’re mine”; out of alibis
Infatuation consumes; what do you say to a man
When the one you’d least expect has his face in his hands
He gave her what he had; she gave it all back
Thank for playing that song yeah, now play it again

Hand in hand, a woman, a womb, and a man
Romance, a rumor, the truth and a catch
Proof of the incident, the room, and a past
And she’s gone – no looking back – poof – and that’s that
That sinking feeling in your stomach won’t settle
Until you realize the aroma of those rose pedals
They throw sugar and kisses on everything
And make you steal so many glances that it’s a felony
If it was heaven when you met it will be hell to leave
Infatuation doesn’t care about your well-being
And it will tell you not to stop, and get what you deserve
Until one or both of you is drowned, obsessed, dead or hurt
You can’t disguise your depressing appearance
And there is no justifying when you’re second guessing your marriage
And if you [ARE] happily married you need to look hard in the mirror
And remember that first time that she brought you to tears
Track Name: johnye wes
Time is money, money talks, but talk is cheap
If that’s correct, how much does it cost to sleep
I was gonna lock my lips, but then I lost the key
Died of thirst while drowning in a sea of irony
Sargent’s bout to get promoted in a major way
Suicide isn’t going to cut it, so put the razor blades away
I’ll take a pen and a tape of dre
It’s funny, you love money, but you’re afraid of change
If demons get scared, how come the ones in me don’t
I can’t decide if they’re powerful or a placebo
If I caught her, one of her friends would be like, where did she go
Don’t video tape her, tape her, then video

(yes) in this example, my demon’s she devil
(focus) them suffering – not me special
Been there, done that, claimed to hate everything
The problem is the demons convinced me that they better me
So here I sit, unchanged, don’t listen to a hater speak
I knew nothing and now my faith is wavoring
Must I have negativity to fake serenity
I blame my tendency to assume that you’re making sense to me
Problem is, you think I need to eat dinner
While you walk past a half naked homeless family in the middle of the winter
Weak case for a creator, please visit us
You’re going to hell, but we offer deliverance
You seem innocent and we don’t meant to be hypocrites
So we’ll take your salary in exchange for three memberships
As for the church, god wants it to be sinnerless
If your god wants to love you, bring him here, we’ll belittle him

Forget rap, this verse, and sixteen lines, its
All worthless if you’re never getting rewind-ed
Watch what you say, you will get assassinated
(snap) just like that – quit staring at the aspirin take it
If I can stay awake I’ll try and finish what I started
You’ll meet the surgeon if you ever disrespect the sergeant
You may have heard of him; the dead call him Beau Warren
You go against him he’ll introduce you to post mortem
It’s gonna take two whole prescriptions to be revitalized
Heart beating and heavy breathing reading the Bible twice
You’re not feeling this – you’re totally numb
Mouth shut; fans will decide on how rap is supposed to be done
I’m sick and tired of you amateur writers
Saying you set the booth on fire every time you’re inside of her
So next time you fall victim to the violins
Remember the tape and the value of rewinding it
4 years it took me to get anywhere close to what I’ve become
3 albums in and haven’t even remotely begun
2 albums coming so consider yourself warned
Just another LP for you to sell short

Say your prayers to the virgin mary, motion is granted
She’s my drug, I call her o.d. over dramatic
since I realized I could change lives with an ink pen
I take advantage of lines, don’t over think them
Normal’s either appreciated or coveted
You can bury the truth, time will uncover it
Life in peril if you’re living ritualistic
Come home, found, bound, covered in the mistresses lipstick
You and I are not alike
You couldn’t impress me if you stole the Mormon prophet’s Bike
Some feelings can’t be brought back after their dead
Can’t burn pages in the book of life once the last chapter is read

You think I’m even wondering what you consider me
I’ll still take the beat and beat it until its history
And so be it if you disagree
Time to say a prayer or eulogy and put the beat out of its misery.
Track Name: Feel This Way (feat. Beau Warren)
Two nights in a row you see him and say to him
You heard his material and you think he’s sensational
But you didn’t know the moment he awoke from it
He was hoping that more than his fantasies and his notebook would notice it
He’s angry, but knows there’s nothing to be upset about
It was just a dream and now he has settle down
All he wants in life is to write his thoughts on the page
But as he grabs the pen he feels them all slip away
He’s losing his mind, doing nothing new with his time
hearing the same three songs, play the music, rewind
and play it again, until his memory memorizes it
half studying and half mesmerized by it
speeding over a bridge with a backseat full of kids
with the intention of never being seen again
and he’s swear on his life you wouldn’t care if he died
taking his stereotype all the way to his burial site

Mentally I’m a wreck and waiting to bomb
If you ain’t me you wouldn’t know; you’d think I was paid to be calm
the blade isn’t calm; it wants a slice of my heart
The blade’s a pen, begging me to write love on her arms
[PLEASE, DON’T GO, NO!] I don’t want these demons gone
I’m not afraid of em, I scream at em [BRING IT ON]
been so tense, a nervous wreck, and getting so bent out of shape
Anxious, angry, and stating complaints as if I’m proud to say it
I must have went through change, I don’t know how I get this way
I have a dream with her and I, and I get so upset I break
A mirror, lie to myself, make-believe my head is safe
Spend half the dream picking up the pieces and sleep the rest away
Girls upset me so I’m getting close to letting go
The overdose and I go steady, so a take a steady dose
The medicine is so pretty, she and I are pretty close
And if she breaks my heart I hope paramedics inject me slow
[WAKE UP] “Stop asking me questions, I need my privacy”
It’s not that I have secrets to hide – I’m just hiding me
I’ve experienced such a heightening in my anxieties
If you could read my mind you’d cry if you could see the kind of things
I fight about with fantasies, people, and society
it won’t stop until the first night I take the mic and breathe
“This is John Wesley- let’s see what he can do”
“John, you’re on, you hear everyone out there? –they believe in you”

I don’t know if I’m ok
because I feel this way
What can I do
Everything that bothers me
It makes me who I am
So I feel this way

I’ve heavily considered ending everything
But I don’t want to give victory to the enemy
To everyone from my past I’m sorry
There is no time to waste, life is a heartbeat
So consider yourself warned, I’m a liar
I hide inside the lowest depth of my empire
Give everything you have away
Will you suffer to better the lives of those who suffer everyday
Track Name: Kill Yourself
I can’t just write about you, I have to be in the right mood
And you aren’t even on my mind anymore, mind you
Remember? I asked about our future and you said forget it
I did what you said but now you’re asking that I recollect it
My wife and children are all that I protect in essence
So I ^ couldn’t care less if you feel the need to protest the message
shh, don’t make a sound and be still
something about the American spirit that’s evil
I can’t put my finger on it but I don’t think I want to
My skeletons only come out to say “we’re coming to haunt you”
The paranoia turns me into a zombie
Cause they don’t actually haunt me, it’s the thought of em doing it that’s haunting
So what if they come for me, I could use the company
Plus I’m never too productive when I’m living comfortably
More churches that don’t hate, is something I would love to see
Beliefs you’re born into can be difficult to unbelieve

Today self glorification is a fashion statement
America’s not a country; it’s a procrastination
What kind of afterlife will you have after you pass away from
Living, less you hate life and you’re standing at your casket waiting
Is there more power in a pastor praying?
It seems like either you or someone you know is or was a cancer patient
The more you have the more prone you are to aggravation
But hey, you couldn’t care less what a rapper’s saying
I haven’t been the same since my engagement
My faults and guilt look at me in amazement
What happened to the old you; there’ve been too many changes
A lack of faith has made me complacent

Usually, you write regrets so you’re erasing the pages
Writing makes the pages take my anger and erase it
Not sure of Jesus as a savior
But be thankful, creating the world doesn’t mean you’re obligated to save it
You know so little and only regulated in basics
Heard of the impoverished but never felt the pain on their faces
Donated one dollar once after feeling like you had to
You have more spiritual questions than I could ask you
I’m not about to dream failing to know that I’m awake
Too many fail to dream and as result only get a wake
I don’t hate gays so take the record and set it straight
Might as well be a family reunion so many can relate
I know, that was a poor use of imagination
It’s difficult when dark thoughts of death are the admiration
I love the thought of one day if we could banish hatred
And we already spoke of everyone being a cancer patient
So whether literally or part of an analogy
The only way you’re innocent cause of technicalities
Unless of course you’re a Calvinist
can’t help but not accept that God would be allowing this

Life is surprises, usually aren't gift wrapped
Kids go off to college; parents learn that they're mismatched
Dad realizes his daughter doesn't fit in his lap
And starts feeling bad when his kids ask about his past
You wake up and your kids are not in preschool
their actions start to say "we no longer need you"
could have been better parents, things we wish we could redo
we see the big picture, all this time was just a preview
millions sell their souls to retail
while billions sell their souls to buy retail, buying from every street sale
guys asking why, how many lies can she tell
I never thought I'd do this just so I could keep a female
kids sitting at their college desk, wondering why they gotta stress through the process
this degree seems like a lot of nonsense
the devil says - I never really wanted to turn to violence
but unfortunately you're on the wrong side of my fence

it's hot as hell, but I’m alive and well
and as for you I’ll sew YOUR mouth shut and not kill you so you can survive to tell
I know I make a great name for myself don't I
soon you'll realize there's not a tactic that I won't try
see they want you to believe I exist in drug addicts
non-Christians, Hollywood movies and thug rappers
so they talk a big game, build churches and write hymns
unknowing that I've really manifested inside them
spend ten million dollars just to build another brick house
if they expand, they justify the finance with big crowds
but those who really need it aren't allowed in or get kicked out
it's like a hospital closing up to keep the sick out
I’ve mastered this plan, see they keep the offering
build more church and never really see the irony
every now and then they'll donate a little bit
just so everyone feels like their charity's legitimate

buying plasma screens, renovation, decorations
if no one calls ridiculous I guess I'd better say it
congregation getting high off the music that's playing
never underestimate the slight of Lucifer’s hand
and I don't refer to the devil as a real person
it's how I reference our internal selfish inertia
millions die daily of hunger and thirst
while our biggest concern is making sure that nobody curse

what’s even worse is they're not thinking logically
they spend money to praise God but way less on getting rid of poverty
I have them in my grasp, just look at the time lapse
less fortunate die fast, and look where their mind's at
paving new parking lots, hang the right art or not
in terms of hypocrisy, this mind frame's hard to top
baptize in Culligan, give everyone a bulletin
your prayer means nothing, your hands, you're not folding them

never seen a war, you say life is hell
but if you really knew what hell felt like you would kill yourself
see I’m the devil, and even I know what’s right to do
but it's up to me to put a lust for you inside of you
look at the way you live, so why conclude
you know me, and don't you dare say that I’m confused
cause even I can see your life is a waste
You couldn't walk in the shoes of the underprivileged or let alone look em right in the face.
Track Name: Heretic (feat. LTB)
I’m a heretic, and a muslim
I am nobody, not some one
If it’s in your best interest to become one
You will feel your initial beliefs coming undone
Will somebody please do something, I’ve had it
Ok, but I am not lying, I am a catholic
I have bad habits, I’m half masochistic
My sarcasm is elaborate and sacrilegious
Every song you have is nullified
On the grounds they’re putting me to sleep as if you’ve written me a lullaby
Rap wasn’t meant to be a dance floor, bullets fly
People give their lives, and sometimes a soldier dies
It comes as no surprise, divide both sides
Christian Atheist Muslim east west coast sides
Instead of claiming knowledge, maybe wonder why
It’s the same thing on both sides, like a butterfly

How can I make it so you don’t lose interest?
Is a woman or music your number two mistress?
You can pray to whoever you want or do penance
Who you thought you once were really isn’t you, is it?
Break the bread and drink from the cup of the lamb you killed
You’re either a liar or misinterpreted cannibal
I’m your new father, so don’t mind that hand you feel
Yeah, God is alive but his hands and feet are standing still
Ignorant kids haven’t seen life at its bitterest
Biggest issue with you is an addiction to cigarettes
Come to this with a glass is half empty approach
You can take two glasses half full and empty them both
I’m a get a head start
I’ve decided long ago that life is my war and rap is my death march
Will be a lot of people killed by staying in the pulpit
Preach by walking the streets willing to take a bullet

Prepare yourself for LTB, Beau Warren and Ivan
I rap with Yung Soulja that’s how for war I am
Beau told you less your old self is on the floor dying
You’re in danger forced silent by yourself and scorned by it
Lynnette, these people think they know depression
Shoot they should go and visit grandma on her death bed
And tell her every reason why their lives are less than pleasant
You saw the rest the world your cardiac would get arrested
I spent a lot of time asking “where the party at?”
now it’s worthless, can’t take it back, I’m sorry that
I left my sister on the doorstep in the rainstorm
Saying I’ll change more or less when the pain’s gone
I don’t rap to be right; I rap to be real
problem is real can be fact, really fake, or the way you feel
don’t have a dollar but let’s make a deal
Let me give my life in place of yours, I’m not religious but I pray you will.