Brace Yourself (2012)

by john wesley



released May 15, 2012

Executive Producer: Mikey Courtney



all rights reserved


john wesley Moline, Illinois

Est. 2004

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Track Name: 1st Things First
I’m way sick of waiting,
I’m ready to go, feel like I’m wasting away deteriorating
I can’t wait ‘til the day when my fate and I are face to face
“Let’s put a smile on that face”
let’s all be brainwashed,
Till pain rains down like raindrops
And ALL that remains of us is blood-stained cloth
With what you’re portraying you must be praying to an insane god
You Christians think you’re radical?
Real Christianity would make your church and the services look like magic shows
Reluctantly giving ten percent of your income
I’m talking gladly giving everything you have and then some
Be God is love– don’t wait for him to do it
And justify every awful philosophy you have since concluded
Sunday school, youth group, bible study – cancel it
Study the fruits of the spirit, period – that’s it
Christianity is NOT a religion
It’s a universal decision to love all men and women [WITHOUT EXCEPTION]
It’s likely I’ll offend you; I’m not making any promises
Love will prove itself, while I’m remaining anonymous
far as I’m concerned I’m slain in life and gone from it
I’m only hoping you’re the last one let into heaven and I die after you
We raise kids to embrace God
Wear a skirt or a suit, but confronting a sinner is like a face / off
Nobody needs your judgment or analysis
Beat down and left laying in the back of an ambulance
This is how I act for fun **** holding back my tongue
KILLIN IT til the second a panic attacks my lungs
I’m back, here I come - it may be unsettlin
Welcome to my solo album ladies and gentlemen
Track Name: Paradigm
I cheat, I steal, I lie, I want
I lust, I lust, I lust, I lust,
I judge, complain, I’ve yelled, I’ve drank
I’ve smoked, I hate, I’m ugly, I’m fake
I know, nothing, I’ve assumed, I’ve mocked
I have not forgiven, I’ve often fought
I’m far, from good, I’ve cursed, a lot
I pretend that I am, but I know that I am not

[I don’t believe you] you were born and always been inside a church home
Feeling that you deserve a lot of what you don’t deserve so
The words show that Jesus loved the type of people you ignore
He broke the laws [and on the Sabbath day] he would do it more
[I don’t believe you] you claim you suffer from an acne problem
While a billion others die from aids and from a lack of water
[I feel bad for you] Americans- we beat each other
We have too much of everything, we don’t know what it means to suffer
So leave a legacy or die anonymous?
Why forgive us of our trespasses if we’ll just climb a taller fence?
You’re too busy planning school shootings at minor colleges
You need to be original [go see your gynecologist]
Instead of growing weaker I would rather fight through all of this
And quit romancing thoughts that were only designed for arguments
Let your problems lose their grip and give your mind some oxygen
And give it time [you make take a while to cry apologies]

I sit here and don’t understand
The language you’re speaking between each other sounds like its foreign or from another land
Perhaps an interpolation of your interpretations
And energy concentrated and traces of murdered basics
Either idolizing the Bible or ignoring it biblically
But there’s never a middle ground when you try and belittle me
You’re like a wannabe terrorist 4’ 8” in the Middle East
And Satan’s just a cop-out [we blame everything on Satan]
“It’s not our fault” [can’t we just say that human nature is fatal?]
You’re not a good person [you’re a plagiarized publication
Of your savior, ain’t you religious gangs ever read Galatians?
You’re staying under the radar; your hatred’s wearing a mask
You’re too good for me, and [my faith apparently is an act]
So whether I’m a Christian or not [it’s really up to you]
Cause I couldn’t care less and [you’ll conclude it if you wanted to]

[We’re all equal] but that’s too bad the group of people
Who suppose to understand that just don’t think so
If you think the book of James doesn’t really pertain to you
If you were truth and I was engaged to you [I would say we’re through]
You’re faith is not considered when they know what the scripture is
Your hate is deliberate, your language is gibberish
Your fake in your appearance [what you do and say is different
They had a relationship [and the baby, it was illiterate]
I’m not worthy for church people, you’re not converting me
Becoming a member would just be confirming my certainty
I’m not being mean; I am concerned for this emergency
You heard me I ain’t murdering; I’m speaking till it hurts to breathe
The purpose of these words [I admit that I am guilty]
If I lived by the law [then the law would kill me]
I’m talking to myself and pointing my finger
I’m not approaching my past and not avoiding it either

I’ll make you mad [get you irritated] disappoint you
I don’t want your expectations of me to destroy you
Just because I’m a Christian, don’t you ever assume
me not smoking weed doesn’t mean I couldn’t if I wanted to
I don’t know a lot of truth [I’m not good] good and bad people
Don’t exist [I’m suicidal when inside a vehicle]
I do what I shouldn’t do [a lot of you wouldn’t get it]
I don’t do what I should do [I’m not afraid to admit it]
Track Name: Rap
[RAP] You dream it and you live it
I mean it, and when I’ve speaking what I’ve written
It’s to put you into an obedient submission
And I quit if I can’t make you immediately listen
Let’s face it, we’re all fiends, we’re addicted
I say I hate it, but I need it I admit it
[I] smoke it [I] take it [I] eat it [I] sniff it
I’ll tear you apart if you ain’t spittin meaningful lyrics
I care for this rap, call it a hobby, a habit
Call it your life; but there’s a difference between talking and babbling
And I apologize, but I was raised on Shady so
I can’t help but hate half of what’s playing on the radio
I may appreciate what you’re saying but hate the flow
You need to tune in Drake and Lecrae and take some notes
you heard real talent it would take your breath away and
If you faced it you’d be so embarrassed you would fake your death today
My tracks may NOT be number one in construction
But matching this passion may give your lungs a concussion
Its fact that rap is becoming redundant
I’m taking half of rappers and punching them in the stomach
This is the way I’ve been, this is the way I am
And I refuse to change for bad or ever fabricate to fans
From this day on, things won’t be the same
I aim to please, and I’m pleased to aim

shots fired [check] they fired back [check]
You said you want to battle, if you want it come and get it
On fire [check] fire right [back]
You said you rap so whatchugondoboutit?

Take a belt to your rap career until pain is felt
I don’t sympathize for a synthesizer so [BRACE YOURSELF]
And if your faith is real, take a breath and pray for help
You’re about to enter the seventh circle at the gates of hell
And a lake of fire, understand I came this far
[RAP] – You break my heart; I came here to raise the bar
I listen – I’m afraid I can barely sustain a yawn
I’ma take that last leg you’re standing on and break it off
You can take that as I’m making a promise The weight from the game I’ma take it upon me
Pen to this page ain’t afraid to be honest I say what I say and I’ll say it regardless
Ring on my finger I’m making a bargain then Circle my heart you can make it the target
Wesley the surgeon and warren the sergeant and Take it to heart and then bang it the hardest
Let nothing go unfinished, love so much no one can stomach it
Don’t let a second of a beat go by that doesn’t get punishment
Apparently rap has gotten embarrassing
And needs a match and kerosene for necessary therapy
Put your favorite album on and go turn off the lights
Or close your eyes, I can only hope to bring your heart to life
Beg for mercy, Paper trail, the LP and The Show
No matter what it is they’re guarenteed to help me let it go
This is the way I’ve been, this is the way I am
And I refuse to change for bad or ever fabricate to fans
From this day on, things won’t be the same
I aim to please, and I’m pleased to aim

shots fired [check] they fired back [check]
You said you want to battle, if you want it come and get it
On fire [check] fire right [back]
You said you rap so whatchugondoboutit?

You hesitate to gasp – this rap will waste you
So fast at your face it will decapitate you
I can’t wait – I don’t have the patience
I’ll rap till I’m outlasting lacerations
Forget the toll that the asthma’s taking
I laugh in the face of exasperation
Refuse to entertain in vain and not be heard
Don’t know whether to catch a thief or to kill a mockingbird
So put me into the hurt locker and lock me in
Every song’s a bomb that I’m dropping onto the audience
If you’re a rapper and you Babel
I’m strapping you into the jacket and taking a saw to your Adam’s apple
Half of what you rap is a bold-faced lie
I advise a shot of arsenic and old lace – twice
Now I’m going to pretend as though you’re still alive
Every time you live for you, you die a little inside
Rap is obviously at a steady decline
And a rapper ain’t worth your time if you ain’t pressing rewind
Don’t lie to me; you’re not the best rapper alive
I use your CD to put me asleep while I drive
This is the way I’ve been, this is the way I am
And I refuse to change for bad or ever fabricate to fans
From this day on, things won’t be the same
I aim to please, and I’m pleased to aim

shots fired [check] they fired back [check]
You said you want to battle, if you want it come and get it
On fire [check] fire right [back]
You said you rap so whatchugondoboutit?
Track Name: Nails on a Chalkboard (Feat Benadiction)
See what you’re hearing is nails on a chalkboard
Nails on a chalkboard? John what you talk for?
Doing what I love, what you doing with your life?
You talk a lot too; I just do it with a mic
Wouldn’t you rather hear nails on a chalkboard?
Nails on a chalkboard? – John what you rap for?
Your criticism is more than we could ask for
The end comes faster at you when you fast forward
The music created is nails on a chalkboard
We're on our way to making you hate us a lot more
Basically we’re the teenagers your mom warned
You about so hatred ain’t mistaken for God stories
I know a lot of drama is uncalled for - BUT
We never said the lyrics spitted would solve war
We keep 4 X 4’s stocked in a sock drawer
Cocked back and ready to be swinging them back and forth
You’re trying to get under my skin and top WARREN
He’s the veteran; you’re a sophomore
You’re walking straight forward into a locked door
This is ours; you’re playing in our basketball court
You’re jaw is sore and falling short is a tall order
We plan on rocking from California to Baltimore
So what is this our fault for?
Forget it – here’s the chorus for nails on a chalkboard

The music created is nails on a chalkboard
Nails on a chalkboard? John what you talk for?
Doing what I love, what you doing with your life?
You talk a lot too; I just do it with a mic
Wouldn’t you rather hear nails on a chalkboard?
Nails on a chalkboard? – John what you rap for?
Your criticism is more than we could ask for
The end comes faster at you when you fast forward

We’ll make you popular, wherever you started off
Is a lost cause, causing you stress, it’s hard to talk
We’ll give you what you want, everybody gon know you
You will gain everything, but there’s still some motions to go through
We told you we will make you oh so popular
Leave it to Sergeant Beau and surgeon John, they are doctors
you sure it’s what you want? The procedures not hard to do
But there may be bleeding and screaming and pieces and parts of you
upon receiving word and seeing a scar or two
You’ll be all over the news people be reading articles
Talking to each other about you crying and need to know
We’ll make you so popular that you’ll have to hide to be alone
they’ll come and find you while you are trying to sleep at home
No time alone, but that’s the price of being known
I’ll stay as long as you don’t want me but you need me
But the second that you want me but ain’t needing me I’m leaving
you’re always complaining life is totally lame
You ain’t getting what you want and you ain’t noticing change [RIGHT?]
you wouldn’t mind if I cut off both of your legs
Sawed off your arms and then told you to walk over here and wave [RIGHT?]
Shame on you, Beau, I didn’t know you threw him down the stairs
Apologize to him; see what they do when you appear
They’ll find a piece of you there, and two of you here
We’ll make you popular, but it could ruin your career
The music created is nails on a chalkboard
Nails on a chalkboard? John what you talk for?
Doing what I love, what you doing with your life?
You talk a lot too; I just do it with a mic
Wouldn’t you rather hear nails on a chalkboard?
Nails on a chalkboard? – John what you rap for?
Your criticism is more than we could ask for
The end comes faster at you when you fast forward
Track Name: Brace Yourself
I’ma start by tying your limbs and take your crying friend
And tie you to him and watch as you’re trying to swim
And even though both of you die in the end
I’ma pretty good story teller and I can pretend
[WOW] now that I have your undivided attention
Look at the way you judge and you wonder why you’re offended?
My records are psychopathic and I’ma find the hatchet man
Pry the ax from his hand and stab him as fast as I can
There’s no relief now – you can get used to this headache
This life is going by and I refuse to regret it
It’s easy to take your whole life and throw it away
It’s hard to see clearly with that veil over your face
You can’t lie to your demons they know that you’re afraid
And don’t let ghosts that plays game get a hold of your brain
And don’t allow the past to grab at your throat
Every breath you take may be the last that you’ll know

High on life and want to write something highly violent
Wish I could destroy every vibe and annihilate
Every lie inside of me, I take pride in you buying it
Speed dial 911, you’ll be trying to dial it
Oh be quiet, we’re all blind pedophiles who violate
Writing the downfall of our lives in violet
September 11th, make a child the pilot
Do what got done and redefine violent as childish
Verbally I use hyperbole purposely
And absurdities occur when words deter you internally
Hear the words; I don’t curr if you’ve heard of me
Honestly, I’m rehearsing; it’s too early for certainties
I admire those making abstinence relevant
But buying a purity ring is plastic and pestilent
Backwards intentions, reject truth, and accept lies
Stepping outside your beliefs might scare you half to death twice

I’m not scared of death, death is scared of me
But still it’s guaranteed to variously perish me
How many different faces will this mirror see?
what I hate about confusion in the clarity
just tell the truth, being a liar is tiring
And why I’m writing lines in the privacy of my diary
It’s something that I can live for or die to entirely
Are we dead to our desires or alive in the irony?
Pretend nothing is intended argumentative
Upset adults come from the sentences, not offended kids
Jesus wouldn’t go to church, sick people need the medicine
The medicine’s accepting everyone instead of to hell with them
Can you read between the lines or are you like a feminist
Crying and whining while slitting wrists on a precipice
Or are you the pacifist optimist with the tendencies
To rip ten inches from the appendages of a pessimist

There’s no relief now you can get used to this headache
Pretend nothing is intended argumentative
Rid yourself of religion and run to love
Rid yourself of religion and run to love
Is what you believe from hearing your thoughts decide?
Or just a theory you can empirically falsify
What you want to hear won’t be appearing across the sky
And if what I say has me disappearing you’ll all know why
Track Name: It Gets Real
I’m paranoid about being misinterpreted
And misunderstood as if it’s even an emergency
At the most I’m a fragile mind
You can choose to believe demons don’t exist; I battle mine
Far from a battle cry, but to cry is casual
They say “come as you will, but treat you like an animal”
feel like I have something to prove; it’s a matter of pride
life and my decisions - this disaster of mine
Rap is all I have and I don’t think you understand
It’s the only chance I have to become a man
You can call it obsessed, immature, or ridiculous
But it’s unreal that Beau and I’s dreams would ever get to this
Going from a pen and paper there’s no pausing in-between
A microphone, a stage, and relating to audiences dreams
Couples that prior to the concert were probly distancing
And maybe the presence that I feel upon me isn’t me


Majority of trust is empty and subsequently
I wonder if everything happens for a reason blaming it on luck is tempting
What if venting was not allowed?
Stop everything you’re doing you’re upsetting the crowd
Line by line, show the frequency of my mind
Hearing it in my words or seeing it in my eyes
This is me sharing my faith
We believe in anything like we don’t care if it’s fake
What a shame, this faith is straight wasted (wasted)
When, salvation is the only motivation
Do you get my anger, it kills me to wonder
What if for the suffering we were willing to suffer?
Yeah, everybody’s in a God-crisis
And We pretend like giving ten and keeping ninety isn’t lop-sided
Come to church; feel better about you and your sin
And when you need it in a week, come and do it again


Been hit hard enough by life to break bones?
Take an oath for what you want; are you safe – no
You can’t run, life will grab you and take hold
it will stare you down and make you be thankful
all alone get a call from a pay phone
“listen, you’re baby sister, she’s on her way home”
No! I just held her, laid her in her cradle
Now we have to lay her in her grave only a day old?
They say they know how we feel even though we know they don’t
It’s why I find you saying “I’m sorry” distasteful
Don’t want to wait a lifetime to be with my angel?
But I wait a whole rainstorm just for a rainbow?
That’s what happens when suicidal becomes a label
No longer a rumor when imagination is playful
Depression will be either inspiring or fatal
Pain will straight up put you to sleep; tienes sueño.

Track Name: Complaint
I keep a notebook open with two vacant sets of sixteen
And a pen with memories of Cydney Blankenship and Tristi
Thirty-two opportunities to talk, make some enemies
And put to better use the very blessing that I get to breathe
Yeah, I know that I’m often angry but I’m promising
That all the speech I offer is positive, but is [arguably
Hateful], life is full of questions, and we’re concluding them
And we’re comfortable with life instead of constantly improving it
I get so bent out of shape at the thought of an American
Complaining about a rainy day and talking in arrogance
Dissatisfied, upset, because we ain’t get what we want or something
Thankful for nothing, saying we’re starving and clutching our stomach
And all I see is a little girl sitting on the floor
Holding her dying mother who’s trying to hold on for a moment more
Daddy died of aids, no support, and all alone
At four years old, three younger siblings, 2 dead parents, and no hope

I can’t hear a single word you’re saying if you’re complaining
And I want to give that expression on your face an abrasion
Little miss sunshine – disturbing reality
Every person is battling a plastic personality
I’m not vulgar, I’m through with using euphemisms
Converting to Sufism, and shooting up [with] the music business
Through this pen I realized I could take my newest vision;
and make you believe make-believe so I made it and I threw you in it
A few decisions separate my future children
From a normal life and a father out to prove his innocence
I Thought I was good, but I know I’m lying, fake, and dishonest
That’s why I stay away from words like hate, obnoxious
Never, always, perfect, guarantee, great, and flawless
Love, good, best, worst, insane, and promise
I don’t trust me, I don’t love me, I don’t want me hurting you
Sit me down next to my doubts, they’re becoming merciful

I have nothing to say, I’m out of ideas
A mouth full of quiet and eyes that don’t know how to cry tears
You’ve tried crying out, now, stay ‘bout silence
For noise violations you’ll be found face-down, dying
I don’t ask that you kill yourself – know that
But why we’re found strangled to death with your own hands?
A glass of wine and a slow dance
When I have a fit I need a mic and an audience to throw at
Living and breathing ain’t being alive
It’s living for everyone else [BUT WE CAN KEEP THAT BETWEEN YOU AND I]
Speaking your mind is easy, what isn’t is leading the blind
So do you listen to your heart or believe in your mind?
[MY WIFE] has half my time [DEPRESSION] takes the rest of me
[“WHAT’D YOU SAY?”] Nothing, I love it when you nag at me incessantly
America, I have a complaint, baby, you ain’t able
To know what pain is or even sustain a sprained ankle
I dare you to complain again, I’ll make your day painful
I’ll take your hate and make everything that you say hate you
Christianity ain’t providing, it’s making fables
That a relationship with God is only hoping faith will save you
We all have faith in this recession of disaster
And wonder if Obama is the question or the answer
Children die invisible; you’re concerned for a will reading
You’re still breathing, baby; you ain’t felt a real beating

Rain, rain go away come again another day
God, why do you hate me; why must you rain on my parade?
Track Name: You Don't Like Me
You don’t like me you like who I try to be
I’m just like you, tied up to wires and strings
What you desire is what I’m desiring
I’m tempted to set me neighbor’s house on fire and leave
Of course this all is executed privately
Everything you think of me – execute it entirely
Including the Christianity / rap half-breed
I only CAN escape insanity WHEN I’m rapping
What’s insane is a third of the world’s hungry
But we couldn’t care less about third world countries
Our American hearts tick with irony
Until every selfish, last beat dies expiring
Children are invisible and we can’t see
That’s we’re the ones with money and could keep it all from happening
[AT LEAST PARTIALLY] see, you liking me’s unlikely
You don’t like who I am – you like who I try to be

You don’t like me, you like who I imitate
I’m not Jesus; I bow down and kiss the face
Of unselfishness, hell is irrelevant
Hell is self-centered, jealous, embezzlement
There’s nothing good about me – let the hate begin
And because this is something radio stations spin
I’m making amends by taking my friends
And showing the difference between spraining an ankle and breaking a limb
brace yourself? you should be bracing your kids
Art of persuasion – before you change into them
They’ve been noticing limits to the way that you live
They stopped living for them and started taking a risk
Change the world if you change your attitude
You have enemies and I’m afraid they’re after you
If you could see through me, you wouldn’t be liking me
But you may forever like the person that I try to be

You don’t like me, you like who inspires me
Short fuse, my moods can swing violently
I’m not who you think I am in your wildest dreams
There’s a rivalry battle between my mind and me
But don’t be minding me, I can finally die in peace
I’m en route to you finding silence inside of me
But silence is threatened by me, writing ink
My well-being packed her bags and she’s trying to leave
I’m trying to promote ideas unbiasly
But, it’s unlikely that it will be done quietly
To tell the truth, that’s only one side of me
Fighting to lie and trying to hide what lies beneath
I’m behind the wheel and I might fall asleep
Without love your entire life is obsolete
You people think since I’m able to love
That you would like me if you had a clue what I’m capable of
Track Name: Street Life - Feat. Young A & Jay Are
Holding my head crying out to whoever’s there
But ain’t nobody responding, I guess nobody’s cares
Hoping you hear me got a lot on my mind
If you’re there lord send me a sign

i’m sleeping with a woman I don’t recognize
Her name is chastity and I think she’s someone else’s wife
I’ve never met this guy; I hope he’s not the jealous type
I don’t remember but I think it was a special night
[YEAH] let’s be part Christian, set the rest aside
And disagree on small details, ok, now let’s divide
Death is pretty if you hate life
Hating life while loving dying while living is a hate crime
I know I sound bitter, I know something is the matter
Can’t go to church no more and not want to disrespect the pastor
Don’t predict a fairy tale ending, expect disaster
Her husband saw everything, and he says you stabbed her
HELP ME; send me to the emergency room
Hurting women isn’t something I purposely do
Especially someone I never personally knew
It wasn’t a fist it was a fit that I verbally threw
She cried tears, but what she said was very untrue
That I deserve forgiveness [I say they should bury me soon]
I’ma rap til I run out words to construct
Perfect and luck, deserve and enough, I’m murdering ya
We slept together cause it was a rainy night
I feel in love, I didn’t know she was the shady type
And I have people telling me I should preach in a pulpit
You know I don’t believe in know and I believe that you know it
Track Name: With All My Love
This morning I woke up dead; not dead tired, I mean dead
No heart beat; no breathing
Drinking doesn’t really do it for me so instead
I get drunk off what I write and give it all to you
The unexamined life isn’t worth living
Your worst Enemy would be the inability to be forgiving
I hope your faith isn’t built on assumptions
Don’t suffocate your children and husband
Hold up a sign that says “the end is near”
Most everybody doesn’t care and those who do repent in fear
Hold up a sign that says “God hates fags”
Probly the best way to get mocked and labeled “fake”
Life must be bad when you’ve lost every bit of feeling
And taking a break from hate and loving ain’t a bit appealing
don’t think you know the nerves you’re probably upon
Christians, burning copies of the Qur’an”
You’re trying to send a signal and begging to get attention
And putting a middle finger to the terrorists to test them
Majority, if not, 99% of America
Staring your church in the eyes, praying that’s where the terror comes
speaking for yourselves but now we’re likely involved
America, united we stand, divided we fall
Prick, put your tail between your legs and look down
Adding fuel to a fire troops are trying to put out
September 10th you back down, was it a change of heart?
Trip to New York; was it a game and you played your part?
I don’t believe this is what you specifically want
Just another fanatical publicity stunt
58? I’d swear to Muhammad you look seventy-nine
My guess is in the future we’ll have plenty of time
To prove you’re a coward and mouthing off is a problem
[COME ON] what’s it gonna take to get you and Fred out of the closet
You think it’s bad now, it’s bout to get worse
Stones have been known to break bones and sticks hurt
Man, terry, talking all that fire and brimstone
Sounds like terrorism is what you use to hit home
You’re a fraud, a lot of hatred shows deceitfulness
Your daughter says you force your congregation to obedience
Every tactic of your fanatical attitude
Has every level-headed anti-radical mad at you
Is it ironic or unfortunate?
Ironic you’re a terrorist; unfortunate the media reported it
So it’s only right that I jump on Pro Tools
How could a whole church you used to call your own disown you
I’d ask you if you could read between the lines
But you already admitted that you didn’t read a single line
We get it; extremists like you need to speak your mind
We know you hate Muhammad and the Qur’an, but Jesus Christ
Track Name: Go Out With a Bang
I believe what is most likely
I didn’t lay out a bunch of ideas and now I’m following the one that I chose blindly
Deserving and achieving are nothing but lies
I’m standing on top of the world and I’m jumping tonight
Duct tape around my ankles, I did it myself
Put my wife on a chain and locked my kids in a cell
To keep even a subtle thought of sinning beginning
To keep my life as a Christian perfect, it is or it isn’t
[LET ME BE CLEAR] a sinner is somebody who is pompous
Life is built around everything they accomplish
Attitude has little to do then with what they promise
Ask yourself what you and this description have in common
Grab your children, tie them to the alter
Don’t let them go till they are crying to the father
This is not what Christianity was built for
The child that the church is giving birth to is still-born

Don’t like the taste of Catholic, I won’t settle Baptist
My faith and belief in love is full metal jacket
Yeah, religion can be mind-numbing
I guarantee that Mormons and Jehovah witnesses are hiding something
(1)I’m not feeling it, (2) till the ceiling’s lit
(3)The roof is on fire, Jesus camp is killing kids
I’ll show you less verbal
Sew my mouth shut and march a whole group of homosexuals into Westborough
Naturally, I’d love to meet you and put hands to throat
And leave no remains of you but your website and a ransom note
Do the world a favor, come see me, picket at a show
And let me watch as, your entire family gets trampled slow
While you’re spending all your time alive
Crying about what you’ve been brainwashed to believe; (shh) silence
Christians; give everything you have away
Will you suffer to better the lives of the people who suffer everyday?

This is the way I’ve been, this is the way I am
And I refuse to change for bad or ever fabricate to fans

If you love advice - here – do not trust your eyes
YOU may become the only person that you don’t undermine
If every time you should apologize is justified
You may find you’re losing your mind on Shutter Island
Is your wife one of a kind or just another siren?
you love pride would you cry at the sight of your lover dying?
Because you’re trying to interpret your dreams
It’s likely you’ll run into doubt that could deter your beliefs
What church has become, it hurts me to see
Because of my words it isn’t Ludacris to say that I could be disturbing the peace
I’ll give you something to cry about
Right in front of a giant crowd, rip every line out of your lying mouth
Chew it up and spit it straight in your face
Show you Proof that Dirty Harry is here; make my day
Don’t mean to get you scared or upset
But when your KIDS start reminding you of yourself it will scare you to death

You’ve waited, here it is,
If you want it, come and get it, brace yourself
Attitude over what you achieve
Love, provoke, suffer, we’re going out with a bang